Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Howard Prairie RV Resort

Finally had a chance to head out for the weekend to Howard Prairie Lake.  Not sure how many sites there are at this campground but I'm thinking over 200 in two sections.  We were in w6 right on the lake.  The sites are big so neighbors are not right next to you.  We had great weather for most of our time there.  It started to thunder late afternoon Saturday thru the night and next morning it rained.  We have a large awning on the RV so we weren't in the weather.  I saw mostly chipmunks and geese, but was surprised to hear a bald eagle.  They have a very different sound and I new one was close.  Then as I was looking across the lake with the binoculars, Jerry said there it is.  Sure enough there was a Bald eagle fishing.  It swoop down, got a fish and flew off.  Then another one followed.  Cool!!!  We are big eagle people and get happy happy happy when we see one.  We headed back home around noon.  Another great time out in the RV.

until next time,

Site W6  water and elec

Jerry looking across lake with telescope

Cooking Shish kabobs