Monday, September 29, 2014

Rogue Elk Campground

We had a chance to go out for a little weekend trip in the MH. Beautiful weekend at the end of summer. Fall is starting to come as it is my favorite time of year. Jerry put the Winnebago in drive and we cruised down the road. We stayed in a quaint little park on the Rogue. We like to stay near some type of water as it gives us peace. Listening to the river flow over the rocks and watching salmon trying to go up stream. Jerry finished reading a book and I just pudts around doing odds and ends. Taking pictures and just walking around. Weather was as good as it gets as it was in the low 50's at night and high 60's during the day. The little park we stayed at was just about empty as most all the weekenders are not out any more.

Now it will be time to winterize the Motorhome. Unless we sell the store and go full time.

Until next time, Lu