Monday, September 29, 2014

Rogue Elk Campground

We had a chance to go out for a little weekend trip in the MH. Beautiful weekend at the end of summer. Fall is starting to come as it is my favorite time of year. Jerry put the Winnebago in drive and we cruised down the road. We stayed in a quaint little park on the Rogue. We like to stay near some type of water as it gives us peace. Listening to the river flow over the rocks and watching salmon trying to go up stream. Jerry finished reading a book and I just pudts around doing odds and ends. Taking pictures and just walking around. Weather was as good as it gets as it was in the low 50's at night and high 60's during the day. The little park we stayed at was just about empty as most all the weekenders are not out any more.

Now it will be time to winterize the Motorhome. Unless we sell the store and go full time.

Until next time, Lu

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lake of the Woods

Just a beautiful place to be for a little time away from the store.  The weather was great with low 70s during the day.  Just sit out side and watch the people. We were parked near the guard shack and there were lines of cars coming in for the day to fish, swim and just have fun on the water.  There was a family BBQ Saturday night that was a bit spendy for what we got.  We won't do that again.  If we have the chance to go there again we will do our own BBQ.  Nice place for a few days out to just take walks and just chill at the camp site.

Until next time, Lu

Saturday, May 17, 2014

We headed to the Chetco

Jerry and I finally de-winterized the Motor-home and got a chance to go out for the weekend.  We headed to the coast as it is still too cold and snowy for the Mountains. Of course the drive to the coast is a little hairy in places, because of the winding, cliffy, edge of the mountain "narrow" road. Yikes! But I kept my mouth shut and he drove like a pro thru the Smith River Canyon.

We are trying to relax a little for the time that we are here. Its a nice park right on the Chetco River in Brookings.  AtRivers Edge RV is the name of the park.  Here is a view out the front window. 
Out the front Window
Site 205
AtRivers Edge Office
Chetco River
Until next time,

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Howard Prairie RV Resort

Finally had a chance to head out for the weekend to Howard Prairie Lake.  Not sure how many sites there are at this campground but I'm thinking over 200 in two sections.  We were in w6 right on the lake.  The sites are big so neighbors are not right next to you.  We had great weather for most of our time there.  It started to thunder late afternoon Saturday thru the night and next morning it rained.  We have a large awning on the RV so we weren't in the weather.  I saw mostly chipmunks and geese, but was surprised to hear a bald eagle.  They have a very different sound and I new one was close.  Then as I was looking across the lake with the binoculars, Jerry said there it is.  Sure enough there was a Bald eagle fishing.  It swoop down, got a fish and flew off.  Then another one followed.  Cool!!!  We are big eagle people and get happy happy happy when we see one.  We headed back home around noon.  Another great time out in the RV.

until next time,

Site W6  water and elec

Jerry looking across lake with telescope

Cooking Shish kabobs

Monday, June 24, 2013

A weekend out

We had a another chance to get the motor home out for the weekend.  So we had Christina come in and take care of the store and to keep an eye on Betsy (Shepard) and the house.  I would like to take her with us but she is shedding badly and she really doesn't like other dogs.  She is our guard dog and she keeps and eye on the house and the store.  She doesn't like to see the motor home leave because she knows that we will be gone for a while. 
We went to Riverpark RV just outside of Grants Pass.  We were at this park last year in the spring, so it was very quiet.  This time it was full and we got the last space that would fit us, it was still pretty quiet.  We were right on the river but on one side we were right next to the other RV.  Our awning was just about touching the Motor home next to us.  We didn't extend it all the way out as not to get to close.  They left early the next day so we had plenty of room until the next one came in.  They were smaller and we were fine and not as close. 
The geese were everywhere on the river edge but we were up hill and they could climb up there.  At least I didn't see any poo poo any where in the park. 
Everytime we go out in the Motor home it makes me more excited to be full timers.  We have been dreaming of this for many years and hoping that this will be the year we sell the store and retire.
Until next time,

path to the Rogue River

They are getting closer

Park office

Full park 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A weekend to get the Rig out.

We will get a chance to go out for the weekend to get those fluids in the RV moving around.  Our part timer is going to work the weekend for us and keep an eye on the house.  We won't be going far, but at least we are getting out.  Should be a nice site that I reserved.  We will be right on the Rogue River. 
More later,

Monday, June 10, 2013

We listed the store with a realtor

Well, after two years of trying to sell the store on our own, we decided to get a realtor and list it with Keller Williams reality.  He seams to thing he will "get'er done" for us.  There have been many more hits on his site than I ever got on mine own of listing it on the Web.  Hope hope hope we can sell this year.  2013 has to be a lucky year for us. 
We will be going out again for a weekend trip soon.  We try to get the motor home out once in a while to keep all the fluids and everything else in the rig going.  We use everything at least once.  I can't wait to live in it full time.  I keep thinking of things i want to do to make it look like a home.  Like changing out the booth dinette to a table and chairs.  Taking out the couch and putting in a couple of comfy chairs.  I think that I will redo the valances also.  Time will tell...
Bye for now,