Monday, June 10, 2013

We listed the store with a realtor

Well, after two years of trying to sell the store on our own, we decided to get a realtor and list it with Keller Williams reality.  He seams to thing he will "get'er done" for us.  There have been many more hits on his site than I ever got on mine own of listing it on the Web.  Hope hope hope we can sell this year.  2013 has to be a lucky year for us. 
We will be going out again for a weekend trip soon.  We try to get the motor home out once in a while to keep all the fluids and everything else in the rig going.  We use everything at least once.  I can't wait to live in it full time.  I keep thinking of things i want to do to make it look like a home.  Like changing out the booth dinette to a table and chairs.  Taking out the couch and putting in a couple of comfy chairs.  I think that I will redo the valances also.  Time will tell...
Bye for now,

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  1. We did some change outs in our camper too. Removed the recliners and replaced them with nicer - wider ones. The couch had an air mattress bed in it, air mattresses aren't meant to be used daily. We removed the couch and replaced it with a nice bermuda futon with a 2" memory foam topper and then made a custom cover for it all. Sleeps great, won't need patching or extra air and will last my daughter till she goes off to college in a year and a half.
    I also put up some decals on the walls that I got at Wal-Mart so now, on the wall by the door it says "Laugh often, Live well and Love much!" I love it!
    It's your 'home' - so personalize it!