Sunday, June 13, 2010

Shopping for RV

Yesterday we had Angie come in for a few hours to work for us so we could go to a bank repo or to get sell the rvs that have been on their lot. We saw a couple but, from the price they did'nt really want to sell them. There was a nice 05 beaver that could be a nice rv for us. very cool floor plan. then there was this 07 Cheetah and was realy a 06 that was printed all over. they insisted it was an o7. ever the plate on the side of the door said 06. anyways. they were asking 230.000. Maybe that would be the price in 2006, but, it is 2010. There is the same rv at a texas dealership for 114.000. that is a better price. not sure what siskiyou rv world think they will get for that rv. We will keep looking.

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