Monday, June 25, 2012

Had a Great time on the coast.

Jerry and I had a great time on the coast of Oregon in Brookings - Harbour this last weekend.  The  drive there and back, was a little hairy going through the Smith River Canyon, but we made it just fine.  There were a few close to the edge and close to the wall corners that Jerry had to drive on but luckily there wasn't any on-coming traffic.  It was silent going on those bad spots on the road.  About 20 miles of curvy, cliffy corners.  I thought he would have to stop and clean his shorts a time or two.  It was raining most of the trip there.  Our helper at the store worked the whole weekend for us.  It was a couple of days without working at the store.  But, every time we go out, we get more anxouis to sell the store and retire full time.
Bye for now,

Buy the way the store is for sale.

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